Moorwood Special Neckline,3 months.Owner / photo Kirsti Immonen, Finland


January 2018


September 2017

Yesterday walk in the forest. Here down at the lake.July 2017.



Ch Louanda Time After Time



Moorwood Special Bookmaker,15weeks.



Moorwood Diamond Look & Moorwood Dreamy Look 6½ weeks.

Moorwood Diamond Look & Moorwood Dreamy Look


August 19 .



Moorwood Fashion Picture. July 15, 2015.

(Nigma Didgeridoo-Moorwood Be In Fashion )

Ägare Catrine Lindh


Moorwood Dandy in Gold,June 28 2015.Owner Taru Mäkimartti, Finland

(Multi Ch Louanda Simply Gold - Moorwood Look For a Dress)



August 2014.



Moorwood Caribbean Blue Emily 8 weeks with her new mum Ida Andersson.



  PLCh, DCh (VDH+Club)Moorwood Against All Odds & Ch Moorwood Orange Craftsman

Owner Jutta Eichhorst, Germany.



 Ch M. Look Forward,Ch Louanda Simply Gold, Ch M.Caribbean Blue Treat,Ch Grandgables Say It Again Sam,Nigma Didgeridoo.



Moorwood Fashion Photo,6 months. Owner Ulla Stina Hemborg.October 2013.

(Nigma Didgeridoo-Moorwood Be In Fashion)



Multi Ch Louanda Simply Gold. August 22,2013.





Moorwood Aflame Of Passion > Moorwood Flaming Sunbeam > Moorwood Flaming Goldilock .



 May 30,2013



 Moorwood Simply Precious.Owner Elisabeth Pollestad,Norge.



Moorwood Dandy In Gold  (8½ m)

Owner Taru Makimartti, Finland.



Owner /photo  Åsa Hammar.



Moorwood Simply Pleasant .Owner:Marie Hegwall, Spain.



Moorwood Simply Pleasant





Moorwood Simply Pleasant & Moorwood Simply Passion



Moorwood Simply Precious.(11 weeks)

Owner Elisabeth Pollestad,Norge.







Nigma Didgeridoo